The sentiments toward consumption of locally grown organic food are increasing. Nigeria has the potential to feed itself and the atmosphere supports local food production. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why local food production flourishes. One of the most consumed food staples across the country irrespective of locale or ethnicity is rice. Abadini Rice is one of the local food producers that grows and processes local rice in the country.

According to some sources, Rice in Nigeria is produced on roughly 2.5 million hectares of land. This land mass is just shy of brazil’s 2.9 million hectares of land. Brazil is still counted as one of the biggest Rice producers in the world. In fact, it is, according to some sources, the tenth largest producer of rice in the world. Companies like Abadini Rice are helping bridge the gap and set unprecedented benchmarks and records.

Based in Benue state with their head office in the FCT, they enjoy a close proximity to the source of one of the most enjoyable rice strains in the country. With its characteristic brown colouration and tendency to cook into a soft texture quite easily, this rice strain can be used to prepare many different delicious rice dishes. Ranging widely from the pride of Nigeria (Jollof Rice) to rice and stew or even fried rice. You name it, and Abadini Rice is the answer to you.

Local Rice Market in Nigeria

As well as being the staple food of about half of the world’s population, rice also enjoys a warm place in the hearts and stomachs of the majority of Nigerians. Whether eaten along with some sauce, soup or mixed with other staples to prepare a delicious dish, the fact remains that rice is a home choice for most Nigerian families. This makes the local market for rice in Nigeria to be very large indeed.

Nearly every restaurant, event or function serves rice in some form. After the processing of rice, the byproducts serve as feed for cattle and some other livestock and it is also relatively easy to produce. These factors combine with others such as financial and economic, contribute to making rice one of the most soughed food items in the Nigerian market.

The consumption of Rice in Nigeria sees an increase of between 4 – 10 per cent yearly. This means that the market size also increases and the business opportunities for millers like Abadini Rice also increases with that.

Abadini Rice currently has a presence in every region in the country. The success of the brand is chiefly due to the fact that it delivers on its brand integrity. They listen to their customers’ complaints and make adjustments and corrections based on that. Abadini Rice also does regular promos to make sure they retain the presence they currently enjoy as well as create new customers for their business.


Rice importation and Local rice production

Perhaps one of the reasons why companies like Abadini Rice flourishes is because of the constraining policies suffered by rice importers in the country. Before Now, a staggeringly huge amount of the total rice consumed in Nigeria was imported.

The conditions of the importation of rice into the country from its handling to questionable processing have cast doubt on the minds of the Nigerian consumers. Several reports have been generated from observers of the manner of border operatives and traders regarding rice at those points. This, according to some reports is not as bad as how it is further mishandled during the eventual repackaging before sent to the market.

The economic implications of having companies like Abadini Rice cater to the rice requirements of Nigerians cannot be underemphasized. Local production and perhaps the eventual exportation of rice will do our countries economy much more good.

Locally grown rice in Nigeria is certainly more appealing and enjoyable to most Nigerians, according to reports than imported rice. this along with the earlier stated points contribute to the boost that local rice production has experienced.

Abadini Rice certainly enjoys a high esteem even amongst the ranks of rice producers. Technology and rice strain contribute to this fact.

Rice processing in Nigeria

Nigeria has experienced an upsurge of processing mills all over the country. Most of these mills are locally operated and managed. Prior to the mechanization of this process, the production of rice suffered considerably. The production suffered chiefly due to manual labour and poor end product.

Abadini Rice has a highly mechanized production process and on-site power generation capacity that helps it cater to the needs of its factory.

Where you can get Abadini Rice

As I stated earlier, Abadini Rice commands an availability in every region in the country. If you live in Kaduna city, you can get Abadini rice through Kudyunus Bislar General Merchants. We are a distributor of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and we are the only distributors Abadini Rice in Kaduna State.

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