La Mayo Mayonnaise product range offers consumers a broad variety of healthy preparations and condiment options that are highly-nutritious, extremely fresh and Delicious in taste. When you give a chance to La Mayo Mayonnaise, you give a chance to an experience that you’ll keep craving for. You will be hooked on the fine tailored sense of satisfaction attached to this stuff of legends. La Mayo Mayonnaise comes in three great options to make your time in the kitchen worth every while and bound for greatly appealing results.

La Mayo Mayonaise

La Mayo Mayonnaise is made using authentic ingredients of protein-rich eggs, high-grade oil and natural vinegar. It is the ideal condiment that adds a balanced taste to anything ranging from sandwiches to salads. Its rich yet smooth texture enhances an exceptional spreadability at any temperature. Rich in Omega 3 and other nutrients, it is the perfect combination for all types of meals adding a fresh and flavoursome taste.

La Mayo Garlic Mayonaise

La Mayo Garlic Mayonnaise flavour contains all the nutrients and vitamins of protein-rich eggs, high-grade oil and natural vinegar, yet also has a distinctly-well balanced garlic taste for the more discerning consumer. It is ideal as a dipping sauce or a rich option to complement any type of food.

La Mayo Hot and Spicy Mayonaise

La Mayo Hot and Spicy Mayonaise flavour are made from a distinct mix of oil, protein-rich eggs and natural vinegar. In addition to important nutrients and vitamins, it is infused with a rich blend of spices giving it a distinct taste that brings–out a vibrant and fuller taste when combined with any type of sandwich, meat or salads.

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