Nadim Foods and Spices

It goes without saying that your choice of spice can make or damage your food completely. Often have cooks and aficionados been in the quandary of what to use in their food. With the absolute ubiquity of spices and taste enhancers, one really does not know where to begin. Besides, the right-leaning faction is beginning to gather momentum with the advocacy for more organic condiments and less (inorganic) artifices. This is where Nadim Foods and Spices come in.
They take the pressure completely off your back with their melange of organic spices and seasonings. Nadim Foods and spices boast a sizeable collection of natural, home-made spices and seasonings. Based in Lagos,Nadim Foods and Spices delicately combine the spices with the aim to tickle your taste buds. A few points to note about Nadim’s products.

1. Organic Spices and Seasonings:

Their products are 100% organic. There are no artificial additives or preservatives added to their products. This is in compliance with the paleo-diet and healthy eating fans. When you opt for these products, you rest assured that what you consume is the cream of the crop, healthy and natural flavouring for your dietary needs.

2. Hygienic Production:

The first question that comes to mind when the customer hears organic is, “is it safe”?. Of course, it is. Nadim Foods and Spices painstakingly take the effort to ensure a hygienic environment to produce their items. The packing is also very neatly done and it allows no room for contamination.

3. Assortment:

Ground ginger, garlic, black pepper and the list goes on. So much spice in one place. Well, that is Nadim Food and Spices for you. It beats the imagination with its range of spices that is still counting. It fills your spice cabinet and keeps you wanting more. Even specific spices have the mix and hint of other flavours present in them. Now the question is, do you want to keep your cooking redolent with assortment?

The above three are a few points that set Nadim spices apart from the common spice merchant. Okay, where can you get Nadim spices?

Organic Spices in Nigeria:

Nadim Spices is located and based in Lekki in Lagos state. I guess you can say that the Lagosians stole it here. But if you live within Kaduna Metropolis, you can order the products through Kudyunus Bislar General Merchants, and have it delivered to you for free. The Spices you can get through us are as follows:

1. Ground ginger:

Ginger is an age-old favourite when it comes to cooking. The familiar flavour cannot be mistaken and it never fails. Use ginger in your cooking and you awaken the nostalgic sense that gets to us all. Some use it more than others, but Nadim brings it to all.

2. Ground garlic:

The famous quote, “Few food items can taste so many different ways, handled correctly” is corrected by Nadim. Their garlic comes ground and prepared to be handled in the best way possible. It adds the memorable flavour of beautiful antiquity to your lovely dish. It really does have an element of boldness in its presentation.

3. Ground cinnamon:

Also called ‘Qirfa’, cinnamon adds that eastern flavouring to whatever you add it to. It decides the trend of the meal and gives it the special exotic aroma that keeps your guests munching. Nadim’s special cinnamon helps bring your culinary fantasies to reality.

4. Mixed Suya Spice:

Well, not only suya but virtually anything in which you need a mishmash of spices to do the trick. Nadim Food and Spices bring this mangle of seasonings to serve just the purpose. Think beef jerky, grilled fish, or even your bean cakes. This mixture is the right choice to give that rich provincial Nigerian flavouring to your kebab.

5. Ground Turmeric:

Perhaps you have been in the bind before regarding how to flavour your greens. Or maybe you have wondered about how to be more creative with your scrambles or frittatas. Well, worry no more. These ground turmeric will extricate your bewildered self from that bind. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about turmeric is the paradoxical wonder of how it remains a popular rarity.

6. Black pepper:

A lot of energy has been developed toward promoting the beneficial wonders of black pepper. It’s not for nothing. It will surprise you to know that in the middle age, this spice was worth more than it’s weight in gold. It also constitutes more than 50% of a typical restaurant’s spice usage in some countries. The piper negrum is also rich both in vitamin A and C and also has a high caffeine content. And it tastes oh so wonderful.

7. Curry Powder:

This popular seasoning has been with us a very long time and we can not overstress how sensational it is. Nadim Food and Spices has not left this home favourite out either.

8. Thyme leaves:

Rarely do you find a dish that would not taste better with a dash of the thyme leaves in it. This wonderful aromatic spice makes anything it enters feel more delicious and tasty.

Organic Spices in Kaduna

Kaduna city is the home of spices in Nigeria. The number of spices grown domestically in Kaduna is quite great. So it comes as little or no surprise that Nadim should find it’s base in the crocodile city.

The above can be bought directly from us at Kudyunus Bislar General Merchants. Just Navigate to our products section or check under the spices category and select whichever of these spices you want. We deliver to your doorsteps for free. Tell us what you think in the comments section.