November 10, 2021

How NEEM SOAP Can Help Improved Your Skin In 2021

The cosmetics industry is experiencing a drastic shift from the previously adored highly chemically enhanced products. To the more organic or purely organic products, soaps aren’t exempted from the train of change and they seem to be the locomotive of the movement. Neem Soap happens to be a favorite in the cosmetic industry.

The reasons can’t be far-fetched. Our bodies can process natural products more easily than they can artificial products. Researchers have found that our skin absorbs nutrients considerably effectively. Further research has shown that our bodies absorb organic substances more efficiently than synthetic ones. All the more reason to drop those chemically synthesized soap bars as you will soon know better.

Neem soap has a plethora of benefits, some of which we will relate in this article. But first, what exactly is neem soap?

Neem soap is made from extracts of the neem plant Azadirachta Indica, known to most as Dogon Yaro or Indian Lilac. The plant is extremely ubiquitous in Nigeria and it can’t be missed by anyone who has been to the northern part of the country. But it is especially native to the Indian sub-continent. Neem soap could be with or without the oil as an additive. It is mostly combined with an organic extract from another plant (turmeric, tulsi etc) to neutralize the strong smell of the Neem. It is a proven remedy for a lot of skin conditions and has become a favorite for most fashionistas and fans of organic and natural products.

The neem plant is still very extensively researched. A lot of the active agents in it are not yet completely decided on whatever benefits (or harms) they can have on the human skin. But very few side effects (to come later) have been rumored from the use of neem. Well these side effects are almost only experienced when the plant or its extracts are ingested.

So what are some benefits of Neem soap?


Bacterial infections are frustrating and only those unfortunate enough to have been afflicted can understand just how annoying they can be. The bacteria in and of themselves are microscopic, single-cell organisms that inhabit just about anywhere conceivable. They are seemingly unaffected by climates and so they exist in every location on earth. They are absolutely unavoidable.

Bacterial infection can affect any part of the body. But that’s not all. They spread and reproduce and basically turn your body into a breeding ground of bacterial clans.

The bacterial infection of the skin is caused by the gram-positive strain of bacteria (those having thick cell-wall).

Well Thankfully, Neem soap has ingredients active against bacterial infections of the skin. The Neem plant contains many extracts such ethyl-acetate, which have been monitored to inhibit and control bacterial growth and development.

In other separate researches, Neem extracts have demonstrated impressive antimicrobial activity against pestilences such as S. Mutans, E. Faescallis, and S. Aureus.

It thus goes without saying that Neem has a great potential to resolve those annoying infections and leave you with a glowing smooth and disease free skin.

Aids in the Relief of whitlow and other finger nail infections

Neem has been reported to aid in the relief of whit-low and other ailments of the nails and fingers. Over 50 types of Nail fungi have been claimed by some medical practitioners to be vulnerable to the subduing effects of the neem plant extracts. Thus using this soap daily could help prevent the development where not present, or cure the ailment if it has already surfaced.

Relief from aches and stress

In order to understand just how this works, we need to know what causes some of the pains and aches we experience in the first place.

A lot of the time, the pains experienced in the joints, and back as well as the head, are actually manifestations of infections. These infections lower the immunity of the body and cause the mood to dwindle. All these, on top of the interactions with unhealthy environments and noise from industrialized cities mount pressure on the system. These inadvertently result in different levels of stress depending on the length of exposure, age and other internal and external factors.

The presence of anti-inflammatory and pain suppressing properties in neem help to relieve muscle and joints aches. This is due to the smooth lather and massaging feel of using the soap, it soon relieves the stress especially if the bath is hot and after some rest. Wonderful right? I know. But the next point will blow your mind.

Neem helps Fight Cancer

Neem aids in the prevention and treatment of cancer by improving the immune system. The soap helps in doing so by eliminating free radicals from the skin and inhibiting cell-division and inflammation.

Among the characteristics of cancer cells are that they have relatively excessive and sometimes quite rapid growth. The reprogramming of the energy metabolism that supports the uncontrolled proliferation, immortality and resistance to cell death, the induction of angiogenesis etc.

There have been compelling clinical evidences that suggest that neem has anti-cancer effects that are mediated through modulation of multiple cellular processes. Neem components inhibit proliferation, induce apoptosis and other forms of cell death whilst reducing cellular oxidative stress.

But the thing that makes neem especially unique in the fight against cancer, is that it shows selective cytotoxicity towards cancer cells compared to normal cells.

The neem plant has a protein known as glycoprotein. This helps in the regulation and adaptation of the immune cells and consequently in the treatment of cancers.

Neem compounds have been demonstrated to be able to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents.  And studies have shown the plant to be effective in the treatment of breast cancer.

Smooth abundant lather feels soothing on skin

The lather is smooth and soothing and leaves no residue on the skin. This in addition to the strong aroma of the plant leaves the skin feeling cleansed and fresh all day.

It also helps to lift off dead skin cells, removes flakes from the skin and enhances the glow on the skin.

Prevents acne breakouts

Acne is a skin disease common in adolescents and adults too. It mostly results from bacterial infections which cause an inflammation of sebaceous glands near the surface of the skin. This annoying condition is often accompanied by red pimple spots on the skin. The pimples eventually leave scars and patterns of blemishes on the skin on the face, neck and chest.

Neem has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of this irksome skin condition. We have already discussed how effective neem is in combating bacteria and related infections. In addition to that, neem clears the acne blemishes and gets rid of whiteheads and blackheads leaving the face as though it were never marred by the nuisance.

Treats wounds and rashes

Neem has disinfectant properties. That and because of its regenerative properties means it does much less harm when it comes in contact with open wounds compared to synthetic soaps. Indeed, neem has been shown to treat wounds that have for some reason refused to heal, especially when combined with honey. For the same reason it has been shown that neem cures rashes quickly. Consistent use of the soap is a very good preventive measure against the appearance of rashes.

Chemically unaltered

Needless to say, neem is an organic substance and so it is chemically unaltered. Of course, we mention it because same cannot be said for most of the other cosmetics on our shelves these days.

It’s natural and most of the time extracted without destroying the natural properties of the plant. For that reason, it gives the body the relaxing and refreshing feel it needs whilst lathering it gently and removing more dirt than most synthetic soaps.

It is harmless to the skin and regenerates it whilst purifying it with its cleansing essence. Neem organic soap is the way to go.

Moisturizes Skin

Yes! If you are like me and really have looked almost everywhere and have had to settle for some ineffective measures because your skin just won’t stay moisturized no matter what you do. Well then it’s time to wake from the nightmare.

Neem soap has spectacular moisturizing properties. Not only does it help get rid of your dry skin, it does so without making it too oily hence providing the balance needed in your skin moisture.

Finally, you can compose yourself confidently without the fear that your skin will crack with the next gust of harmattan wind that blows. You can smile and laugh comfortably without the itchy after effect that reminds you of your lot in skin type. Continuous use of the soap can help you get rid of all the irritations that accompany itchy dry skin.

Regenerates wrinkled skin

Neem is packed full of regenerative compounds that help fight pathogens below the surface and keep your skin smooth and looking young. Somewhat delaying that dreaded aging look, the onset of which is usually earlier than expected (we understand).

Repels insects

This is actually one of the places in which neem shines significantly. One of the main compounds in neem, azadirachtin has been shown to have very powerful insect repellant properties.

It is for this, among other reasons that neem cake, one of the byproducts after extracting neem oil is used in preparing fertilizers. It particularly has a high level of the compound and so it is a strong pesticide.

So you can sleep safe at night without bothering about the night insects, especially the oh so dreaded mosquitoes.

These are just a few of the benefits of using neem soap. There are many many more ways in which the soap can help improve your general well-being. All you have to do is sit back and Neem will fight a lot of problems you don’t even have to know exist.

But really that’s not all. There are even bonuses to this extremely important miracle herb. Apart from giving you the best skin treatment in the world, neem soap really does wonders to your hair as well. So let’s just see a few ways that neem soap helps in giving you a wonderful looking hair whilst preventing many diseases of the hair and scalp. Nothing to hide, we’ve all been there at some point, some staying longer than others.

Neem Soap Improves Hair Growth

Of course. It goes without saying that having such wonderful regenerative properties, neem can actually help you grow longer fuller and more beautiful hair.

Washing the hair with the soap can significantly improve hair growth and that means you don’t have to bother about using a different wash for your hair than your body.

One soap to wash them all!

  • Hair conditioning

Having the qualities of a significantly impressive moisturizer, neem also helps to bring your hair to full beam by conditioning it from its dry state. It makes the hair glow while it softens it and generally improves its look.

Neem helps prevent the hair from breaking and can do quite a myriad of wonders and often so, even without supplementing with oils of any sorts.

  • Cures scalp diseases

Neem soap helps to improve scalp health due to its deep cleansing effect. It fights against ringworm's, dandruffs and other diseases of the scalp. It does so without posing any danger to the scalp or hair whatsoever.

But neem in and of itself is not without side effects. Thankfully, these side effects are most only encountered by those who ingest the herb or its extracts.

These side-effects include:

  • Dangers to fetuses
  • Dangers to children
  • Autoimmune diseases

As mentioned, these dangers are almost exclusive to those who ingest the plant or any of its extracts. That means you can absolutely bathe with neem soap rest assured that you are not exposed to any complication unless otherwise advised by your dermatologist.

Now the big question!

Where to buy neem soap

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Going Neem can improve your skin health significantly and you won’t regret it.

Tell us what other benefits of neem soap you know of by leaving a message in the comment box below.